Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Colour coding embellishments & getting into the crafting groove!

I have really enjoyed this time "between jobs" and have got to grips with a backlog of Project Life! i think I was way back in June when I started my catch up this week!
I have been getting a lot of weeks caught up and am now up to week 30! I even started Volume 2!
One of the big decisions I made was to colour code my embellishments! It may sound simple but it was a big decision! So I emptied all my little storage boxes onto my desk and then sorted them according to colour.
As you can now see I have a mixture in each one, but all the same colour family, Epic!

It has actually helped my Project Life scrapping no end!
All beautifully labelled and in my top drawer! here are my categories.
I even went further and colour coded my die-cuts!
never have I been so organised! I am also completing a handbook at the same time as catching up on PL! I am taking Maggie Holmes class over at Studio Calico called 30 days of me, not something I normally like to scrap, but I felt it was appropriate at this time and before Maggie leaves SC. Check out my Instagram feed for how I'm doing! Link in sidebar and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mini album in Black and White

Finally I did some crafting! It has been a while! I thought I would have so much time once I left work but family life over the summer has meant that I have enjoyed it all the more! Now the schools and colleges have gone back it has begun to sink in. I don't teach anymore! My elder son has left for University to complete his PGCE and now there is just the two of us at home! When the schools went back on Monday, I felt really strange, so I gave myself a crafting day to get my Sicily album started.
 I used a grey handbook from Studio Calico and selected a muted colour palette of coral and seafoam as my highlight colours. I sorted out any Project life cards I had in those two colours and any 6x4 papers from PL paper pads.
I used my Studio Calico attacher die to cut some hinges in my two colourways. As always I like to include ephemera. 
having recently revamped my stamp storage, I used a lot more stamps in this album. I pre-selected them before I started and had them out on my desk in a basket.
 I included some pages in vellum. I made a template on my silhouette to include the binder holes, so I could cut all my pages exactly the same size and just varied the material on the settings tab. I did not use any page protectors in this album.
 I included all the black and white postcards I wrote daily on our holiday.
 I included the postcard paper bags as pages.
 I even cut some pages pout of watercolour paper and experimented with my Mister Huey masks and watercolour, then outlined them and spritzed with water to smudge.
I used old fashioned photo corners and slit the page to tuck the photo corners in. 
These half pages I used to add two photo's back to back. I stuck them together at the top and bottom and then slid them on the card.
 I tried to keep it all very simple and minimalistic for me!
 I took inspiration from my Pinterest board here. TFlx

Monday, 18 August 2014

Summer holidays and back to it!

 Back from my summer holiday and raring to get crafting! I needed a break!
As we went back to Italy for the third year running I decided to take my holidays and apply a black and white filter, to switch it up. 
 I am liking how these turned out but I need to get them printed and an album started next!
 I had an interview for a new job the day before I left for holiday, so all this spare time I was hoping to have, looks like it might have gone out of the window! Not sure of my new hours yet so just waiting to find out. 
 I had a really relaxing holiday and feel like it is ages since I did any crafting! Looking forward to making a start!
Watch this space! TFLx

Monday, 4 August 2014

Lest we forget, lights out

Remembering my mums dad.....
 who was a mule driver in WW1

 and hubby's grandad.....
who started in the trenches and then went to the newly formed Royal Flying Corps.
They were lucky, they both survived. More details on this blog under heritage.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Been, gone and done it!

That's it! All over! I left in style, along with another colleague! I made this cake to celebrate and share with the friends I leave behind. 12 years at one school is a long time. I have nothing else lined up at the moment but who knows? It was a bitter sweet parting. I loved the special needs children I worked with, but when that role disappeared this year, I decided I did not want the EYFS teacher role the head teacher offered me so I walked. TFLx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Getting closer....

to finishing work and I am not sure exactly what my feelings are. At the moment it's all a bit of a whirl and my crafting has had to take a back seat in favour of clearing my classroom and organising all my resources that I am bringing home. I have been at that school for 12 years, so naturally I have accumulated a lot of 'stuff'! I am going on the supply list, so I may need some of it, also my son has applied to do his PGCE so I feel I can't throw anything away! Let's just say my garage is not looking pretty right now! I had it all organised early on, but I have descended into 'not enough space' mode so I am panicking slightly! I bought three more large storage boxes at the weekend so I am hoping that will help! I just need time to do it! I am tired out!

Rearranging my stash supplies is keeping me sane! New jar with heart motif from TKMaxx.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Am I a crafter? or a stash organiser??

I have had several attempts at organising my stamps over the years and yet again I have had a change of heart, as I was not using them enough, because I forgot what I had! My most recent organisation here was into DVD cases like Kinsey Wilson did, but I found that removing the index sheet into an A5 ring binder meant that each DVD case looked the same! So now I am using the DVD cases for full sheet sets that are back on their cheat sheets.
Larger sets of alphas have gone into Staples A5 plastic wallets in my Martha Stewart ring binder. Each pocket has an A% sheet of copier paper in the back so the stamp sets show up.
Smaller individual stamps like we used to get from Studio Calico years ago when they brought back stamping, I have now put back in these two binders from Paperchase.
They were originally meant to hold business cards. The original post was here.
That left me with all the stamps that have come recently from SC kits that are on a long strip of acetate. I stitched pockets in some more Staple A5 plastic wallets and then trimmed it down the right hand edge so they can slide in easily. Works a treat!
Some people have done something similar with a Handbook and proper page protectors but that was too pricey for me. Always looking for the more economical method! TFLx