Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Been, gone and done it!

That's it! All over! I left in style, along with another colleague! I made this cake to celebrate and share with the friends I leave behind. 12 years at one school is a long time. I have nothing else lined up at the moment but who knows? It was a bitter sweet parting. I loved the special needs children I worked with, but when that role disappeared this year, I decided I did not want the EYFS teacher role the head teacher offered me so I walked. TFLx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Getting closer....

to finishing work and I am not sure exactly what my feelings are. At the moment it's all a bit of a whirl and my crafting has had to take a back seat in favour of clearing my classroom and organising all my resources that I am bringing home. I have been at that school for 12 years, so naturally I have accumulated a lot of 'stuff'! I am going on the supply list, so I may need some of it, also my son has applied to do his PGCE so I feel I can't throw anything away! Let's just say my garage is not looking pretty right now! I had it all organised early on, but I have descended into 'not enough space' mode so I am panicking slightly! I bought three more large storage boxes at the weekend so I am hoping that will help! I just need time to do it! I am tired out!

Rearranging my stash supplies is keeping me sane! New jar with heart motif from TKMaxx.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Am I a crafter? or a stash organiser??

I have had several attempts at organising my stamps over the years and yet again I have had a change of heart, as I was not using them enough, because I forgot what I had! My most recent organisation here was into DVD cases like Kinsey Wilson did, but I found that removing the index sheet into an A5 ring binder meant that each DVD case looked the same! So now I am using the DVD cases for full sheet sets that are back on their cheat sheets.
Larger sets of alphas have gone into Staples A5 plastic wallets in my Martha Stewart ring binder. Each pocket has an A% sheet of copier paper in the back so the stamp sets show up.
Smaller individual stamps like we used to get from Studio Calico years ago when they brought back stamping, I have now put back in these two binders from Paperchase.
They were originally meant to hold business cards. The original post was here.
That left me with all the stamps that have come recently from SC kits that are on a long strip of acetate. I stitched pockets in some more Staple A5 plastic wallets and then trimmed it down the right hand edge so they can slide in easily. Works a treat!
Some people have done something similar with a Handbook and proper page protectors but that was too pricey for me. Always looking for the more economical method! TFLx

Monday, 9 June 2014

How to make a photo stand from a Project Life Kit box

I so enjoyed making my mini album from a Project Life kit box, that I decided to make another! This time I wanted to make it an album I could display on my windowsill. I wanted to collect my favourite photo's of Barney and be able to change the one I looked at frequently.The box folds back on itself and stands open on its own little stand. When not in use it all closes up and the stand fits inside.
I used a Studio Calico Project Life kit box and a Tim Holtz ring binder the same as the last album. I also needed two pieces of mount board to make a stand for the photo album.
First I located the ring binder here on the album cover this time. When the photo stand is not in use, it can be folded away inside its own little box.
Punch holes with a Cropadile Big Bite and use the brads to secure it. Tape over the brads with Washi tape to keep them secure. These will be covered by the outer paper anyway.
Check that you can carefully fold the box inside out on itself and stand it on the open flap edge. To make sure it does not slide and fall over, I made a stand from mount board.
To make the stand, measure the depth of the box tray of the box tray itself and the flap of the box. One is slightly wider than the other. Cut a piece of mount board this width and just shorter than the length of the box, so it will fit inside when not in use. 
One side of the box is slightly higher than the other, so on one side of the stand I added an extra layer of card to balance it out and make it stand straight.
The box from Studio Calico has a magnetic closure, and I wanted to use these to secure the album open on the stand to, so it was nice and sturdy.
Last week I salvaged the magnetic catches from the drawers of the mini chest I made and kept them to one side. This week I am going to use them.
First of all sit them directly on top of the 'hidden' ones in the box closure. This makes sure you have them the right side up. Using a bit of coloured ink, ink the back of the magnets and stand the box on the mount board. The ink will rub off and the precise location of the magnets will be marked so you can glue them straight down with Glossy accents.
Once dry, cover with your chosen patterned paper and ink the edges.
Now choose your pages for your album. I used a Blue grass farm Project Life kit from Studio Calico and added a few extras as I did before. I die cut some attachers from Amy Tangerine paper and stitched them to a cellophane packet from some embellishments, that I had filled with a few sequins and a & paperclip.
 I also used the negative of the die cut and folded it around another cellophane packet and stitched to make a pocket for a tag.
 I  added another attacher die cut and stitched a wood veneer arrow in place too. The tag slides in and out of this pocket. Add these in your album.
Punch holes in 6x4 cards and 3x4 cards and tags.
Here I made pages from We R Memory keepers 4x4 pocket pages and stitched a pocket for a 3x4 wood veneer than added some sequins down the side. I sealed the end of the pocket with ribbon. Inn the end I had to remove the strip with the holes punched in, to fit it in the album. I just punched my own where I wanted them with the Cropadile.
I made a 6x4 vellum page and added a gold rub on. The spine was reinforced with patterned paper, stitched in place using my sewing machine and then hole punched. 
Finally I covered the outer cover of the box using a sheet of 12x12 paper.
I measured and cut each piece of paper separately for each side so that they would not get in the way when the album is folded open, back on itself. I secured these papers with double sided tape. I inked the edges of the whole box with contrasting chalk ink and made a title tag.
I hope you have been inspired to have a go at making one of these. I will try to upload a short video to Instagram (cannycrafter)of how it opens and closes.
Thanks for joining me!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What else can you make with a Project Life kit box?

Here I go again altering some of my Project Life kit boxes from Studio Calico! This time I thought they would make a cute mini set of drawers.
First I carefully removed the tray from the outer cover of the box using my craft knife, sliding it carefully inside the gap.
I used some 12 x 12 papers from my single sided Amy Tangerine Yes Please stack I got from TKMaxx to cut and cover the mess left behind, and the base of the tray, so the drawer will slip in and out easily.
I used double sided tape to make sure it was secure.
Remove the magnet closures from the outside of the tray carefully, by slitting along with a craft knife, then cover the slits with Washi tape, OR turn the drawer the opposite way around so the  magnets cant stick to each other.
Place the drawer inside the outer casing and then measure another piece of paper to fit around the out side of the opening side of the outer case. Make sure the spine measures 2 inches, because the open side is slightly smaller than the rigid spine side of the box and we want it to be even or the drawer will not slide in and out.
using a scoreboard, score the two creases.
Add double sided tape, two strips to each section and then, with the drawer inside the outer case, hold it in place and stick around the side, as below.
This makes the outer box nice and rigid.
Measure and cut a strip of paper to go around the outside of the box, covering the other three sides of the box neatly and glue in place with more double sided tape.
Measure and cut a piece for the end of the drawer. Attach with DST.
Using a Cropadile big bite, slide off one of the feet, so you can get it to the centre of the drawer front to punch a hole for a ribbon pull.
Measure 6 inches of ribbon, double it and tie a knot. Thread it from inside the drawer to the outside! That's it! All done! Make as many as you like and stick them together with double sided tape to make a chest of drawers! Group them in twos or in fours. Great for all sorts of embellishments and these big stamps!
If you make some, don't forget to link me up! TFLx

Monday, 2 June 2014

Step by Step Part 2 How to make the mini album from a project life kit

Here I am back again with Part 2 of this mini album, created from project life cards. 
13. Starting with this page, another watercolour card, which I stitched to another 3x4 card. Adding some attacher die cuts with machine stitching, to add it to the album.
14. As this album is about May where I have made some life changing decisions about my work life balance, I have been looking to lots of quotes from my Pinterest board. This card in the kit "I think I like who I am becoming" fitted in very well for this section. I put a black and white photo of myself on the back. Again I added the attacher die cuts. 
15. The "words of wisdom" card went well here next. I picked my favourite quote about change to write out on this card, and another on the back.
16. My next dilemma, was how to fit in all the other quotes I have turned to this month?
Using the 3 glassine bags that came in this project life kit, I laid them on the table and overlapped them, so I could tape them together.
I then slid three small shipping tags from my stash inside. I did not slide them right inside so they were hidden, I left them sticking out so they were easily accessible and added a row of machine stitching to stop them from going in any further.
I then stitched on more attacher die cuts. This page fits in the album like this.
Be sure to keep checking that all the pages are not too wide to prevent the album from closing.
To add variety, I wrote some quotes on the tags in various pen widths and then some on chalkboard washi tape using a white Uniball pen. Some extra wide washi tape with lines was added to the glassine bag and I wrote a quote on this with a Sharpie.
Here is what this page looked like completed from one side...
and from the other. I added the title "Moving On" with some alpha stickers.
17. This week also saw my hubby start a new office for his company. I charted the day using this calendar card and covered up the month of November with some stickers!
On the back, I added some photo's of the new office coming together.
This little card with a brick wall pattern on, I added a couple of die cuts to, a banner and congrats and then wrote about his new job. Another photo on the back.
18. This page, which I made from some scrapbook paper, cutting it to 6x4, with an extra strip of paper stitched along the edge where the holes were to be punched.
19. This card demanded its own little pocket! Again I used a 4x4 page protector, slid the card in and stitched up the edge to hold it in place. The extra strip of plastic pocket was decorated with some lace to add texture.
I slid another 3x4 card in the back of this pocket and added some stickers to cover the number 11 I did not want.
20. The final page was a Kraft security envelope with attacher die cuts stitched on the side. In the final album, I ended up sticking this inside the front cover for memorabilia.
Finally I went back through the album and embellished using enamel dots and some die cuts!
I hope you have enjoyed this mini album step by step and think about having a go yourself! Please link me up to any of your finished projects. TFLx
Check out more details on my Pinterest mini albums board and cannycrafter on Instagram.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Step by Step Part 1 How to make the mini album from a project life kit

I have been asked to share step by step how I put this mini album together. I made it from  Studio Calico project life kit in a box, but you could make it from any 3x4 and 6x4 cards and any small box.
You will need:
A project life kit in a box (approximately 30 cards 6x4 & 3x4)
A few sheets of 12 x 12 paper to compliment
Matching embellishments of various kinds e.g. flair, enamel dots, sequins, stickers, veneer
Attacher die from Studio Calico and a sheet of card or Basic Grey Attach me stickers
Wide Washi tape
Tim Holtz large binder rings
Recycled Cellophane Glassine bags from embellishments
4x4 page protectors from We R Memory keepers or a larger page protector to cut up
Sewing Machine
Corner rounder punch
1" circle punch

1. Prepare the box for the mini album, by cutting out the top and bottom of the inside tray and the left hand edge, so it lies flat on the table but closes back into a box shape, using the magnetic closure.
Bind any raw cut edges with the wide Washi tape and then add the Tim Holtz binder rings to the spine. You can add a blob of silicone glue under the binder to make it extra secure. Tape over the brads on the outside of the album with Washi tape. This will be covered with the outer paper decoration anyway.
2. Cover the outside of the album with your chosen scrapbook paper, I went for the pink wood grain. Wrap the paper around the box like a parcel and then reinforce the creases with a bone folder. I used red double sided tape to stick the outer cover in place (extra strong.)
3. Set out your project life kit on a table and group into colour families, I put the cards with numbers on together, the reds and navy together and the yellows together.
4. Select your opening page card, I chose the Yes No Maybe card. 
Slide it inside a 4x4 page protector and stitch a row of machine stitches to create a 3x4 pocket for it. This leaves a narrow pocket you can fill with sequins and stitch across the top to hold them in. The top of the card pocket should remain open so the card can be accessed later for journaling. Add embellishments as required.
5. A 4x6 card with embellishments. Punch holes with a hole punch.
6. The next few pages are 3x4 cards on their side, punched with one hole each.

Cover any reference to year or months with stickers.
6. Another 4x6 card next, again cover any reference to date or year with stickers.
7. Take the pink wood grain card and run it through a wood grain embossing folder using the Cuttlebug, to add texture. Stick it onto a glassine bag and fill with some confetti. (I used the circles from my attacher die cuts.) Embellish.

8. Stitch an envelope from two 6x4 pieces of scrapbook paper, leaving the right hand edge open. Punch a thumb hole using a circle punch half on the paper. Add a couple of 3x4 cards inside. 
9. Select two 3x4 cards. Fold under a narrow strip on the left long edge of one card and tape this over the right hand edge of another to form a hinge. 

The card now fold out into a double card. Add two attacher die cuts for hinges and stitch or stick in place. Embellish. ( added a couple of mini photo's in this)
10. Make a 6x4 card from scrapbook paper and round the two outer corners. On the back, select and stitch a 3x4 card on two sides to make a pocket, where you can tuck things in. Add an extra 3x4 card in the pocket for journaling.
Punch holes to add it to the album. Embellish. 
Next page is a plain 6x4 card.
11. Line up a vertical 3x4 card over a horizontal 3x4 card and stick together. Add an attacher hinge to the vertical card so it all lines up in the album. 
I used one of the watercolour cards for this and painted it.
12. The next page is a plain 6x4 card embellished with veneer.
 For this page I added one of the die cut outlines left over from my attacher die to a plain Kraft brown card from the kit to add some interest.
The next page is a large shipping tag with attacher die cuts stitched on it. I added the wood slice to this tag through the hole with twine. I stamped on this later.
As you can see from the picture above, I actually moved the pages around in the album when I came to fill it, as it suited my photo's.
Join me again tomorrow for more pages! I hope you enjoy making yours! TFLx