Thursday, 20 December 2007

The big Christmas food shop!

It came, last night! I had the foresight to book a slot a few weeks ago, when I was off work ill and I have been updating it since! Imagine my embarassment when the lad who delivered it said I had to have a van to myself - nearly!!!! (Exaggerating!) I have been off work 6 weeks and not been out of the house much, so we were out of everything! Plus it is my elder son's birthday this Sunday and we will be having a family party on that day and his mates around tomorrow night! Still, I decided to take a photo of it all on the kitchen table and floor and it will be a fun page in my xmas album in the new year!!
This online shopping is such a God send for those unable to shop either mentally or physically, I am very grateful for it and so are many other ill people.

Funny how everbody else in the house managed to be out when it arrived! So I had to put it all away!!!!!! That part was bad enough.

However look out for the scrapbook page!

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