Sunday, 23 December 2007


Yes! That's right, we still haven't finished with birthdays in this house, bad planning I know!!! My elder son is 17 today!!!!!! No driving lesson scheduled as all take school holidays round here!!! Having a big family party today, so been cooking all morning and will be this afternoon too! A great start to the festivities for us! He's not happy as he gets it all in two days and then waits a year! Have a great birthday Chris, we all love you very much!!!!xxxx

For those still thinking Christmas wise, here are a couple of altered craft carols for you to sing!

On the twelfth day of christmas my true love gave to me;
12x12 scrapbook papers
11 photo anchors
10 embossing powders
9 sticky ribbons
8 chipboard letters
7 sheets of peel offs
6 Mag' subscriptions
4 packs of brads
3 glue pens
2 sizzix dies
and a big shot just for me!!!

P.S. Hope he reads this!!!!!!!

When the postman brings the post,
All the things I've wanted most,
I've got a great big list on my hubbys desk!
I order them online,
Then get him to pay, that's fine,
It puts a great big smile on my crafting face!

Oh well I wish it could be christmas everydaaaaay!!!
Then I'd be off work and could scrapbook everydaaaaay!
Oh I wish it could be christmas everydaaaaay!!!
Get the scraaaapbooks out this christmas!!!!!!

(Music from wizard! I wish it could be christmas every day (roughly!))

Happy singing!!!!!

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