Thursday, 27 December 2007

Inside the holiday memories album

Here are the inside pages of this mini accordion album I made of holiday snaps for my sister for Christmas. She was very pleased with it! (Sorry about the quality of the snap!) Enjoyed experimenting with the fabric for the cover and stitching the photo on the front.

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AnnieLiz said...

Annie Liz here in the states. I just love the gifts you made for your family - we must think alike.
The Thanksgiving cards that I gave to friends were made of colored card stock in squares stamped with a bird that I turned into a turkey with a waddle & feathers. I then stitched those to the card front. It was a fun project that surprised everyone including my husband. He never knows what I'm going to come up with next. My Christmas cards were a combination of photos, stickers & yards. I'll have to retrieve them from a friend to post. I'm looking forward to viewing the rest of your projects when I have more time. Ringing office phones are disturbing my comfort zone - LOL!!