Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My Christmas Tree!

Here is my Shaker style Christmas tree! I have been colletcing traditional wooden ornaments over a period of years now and have enough to decorate three trees! I started by making a Shaker style fairy for the top of the tree from a craft magazine one year. After that a friend brought me some decorations from America and gradually I have added more and more wooden and tin ones including some that I have made from rusty sheets of metal my dad had, which we cut with tin snips! Much cheaper than bought ones! I have gradually reduced the number of glass baubles I use, although some still have to remain, including the ones I made with the boys when they were little, when we wrote their name on a glass bauble with glue and gold glitter! I find friends and family still pick folk art style ones up for me when they see them! I used to have a thing about themed trees even when they were young! My husband even remebers having to remove blue light bulbs from every set of fairy lights when we only posessed multicoloured sets!

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