Friday, 14 December 2007

My parcel has come!

Been enjoying myself, shopping for stash on the internet recently! Sent for loads of things for my own christmas pressie! Shopping on behalf of my husband is so much fun!!! I missed a parcel yesterday and the card said I was not to call and collect it for 48 hours! I nearly cried! How can anyone in their right mind wait 48 hours to view their new goodies!!!!!!!!
I penned this ditty today!

Crisis averted!
I went to the post
And tackled the postman
Where it hurt the most!

I demanded my parcel
I kicked up a stink
I NEEDED my stash
All that paper and ink!

I laid on the floor
Kicked my legs in the air
And finally
everyone looked in despair!

"Get this woman's parcel
From over there mate!"
Said the postman,
Reluctant to handle the wait!

"She seems kinda desperate
Quick as you can!!!!"
Said the faltering voice
Of the quivering man!

I stood up at the counter
I brushed myself down
I replied to the postman
As he stared with a frown.

I just thought I'd try it
It worked for my son!
You'd know that too
If you'd been a mum!!!

Mission accomplished!
I have my new Scrummy Stash Cafe Goodies!
Can't wait til Christmas day!!!

(Just had to open it and check it was all there!!!!!!)

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