Monday, 17 December 2007

New Stash!

Have been ordering my own Christmas pressies off the internet! Just to save my hubby having to bother you understand! That way I get lots of crafting goodies! Last thursday a large consignment of scrapbook papers/embellishments arrived when I was out!!!!!!
Here is a ditty I penned on a craft forum to vent my anger!

Oh woe is me!
I just popped out
(The daftest thing
Without a doubt!)
For now I find
I missed the post!
A parcel!!!
(I like them the most!)
"Could not be left
Parcel too big
to hide behind your flowers!"
The worst part is
The ticket says
I must wait 48 Hours!!!!!!!!
That's saturday
my husband's home!!!!!
What am I to do!!!!!
I'll tell him
"It's a secret dear-
A big surprise for you!!!!!!"

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