Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Back to normal!

Everything is finally getting back to normal after the holidays Today saw the return to dance class for my younger son (see earlier posts about Panto) and it took me by surprise! I was expecting that to start next week when the schools go back! Anyway, broke me in gently on the taxi run! Only once this week! Had to try to get up at a more normal time today and eat at normal times to get organised for this routine! Had got into a habit of eating whenever, sleeping whenever! Have done some housework and washing instead of crafting and reading about crafting! Will have to look at my work before school goes back next week! Will be a struggle! Have enjoyed all the leisure time I have given myself on crafting projects!

Today I have managed to alter an empty wallet from my photograph paper. I decided, instead of having a pile of newly printed photos on my craft table, waiting to be scrapped and getting covered in glitter and embossing powder or glue, I would cover a spare cardboard wallet and keep them safe and clean! Used scraps of Mimi papers by Bella press to match my altered card holder I made and altered pen pot! I will have a matching desk set soon!

I also stripped the cover off an old clipboard with a craft knife, injuring myself in the process, then started to recover it in Blonde Moments Spring Fling papers I ordered in a sale somewhere! It is drying as we speak. Need to attack it with my new Cropadile next! Have spotted some in some galleries and on websites and fancied having a go myself! This is to keep important scraps of paper handy and to stop them getting lost!!

(New years resolution No 1 - to be more organised!!)

I have also altered the cover of a sketchbook in which I am sticking various challenge layouts and making notes of websites and gallery ideas that give me inspiration. It also includes my little sketches of projects I want to do! (Eventually!) Too numerous at the moment! I have started hoarding boxes, files, tins etc to alter later - I think I need a basket to house all the projects in waiting!

I made a acetate booklet from some empty xmas card boxes and a booklet from an old plastic wallet my husband was given on a course and about to throw out - until I nabbed it!! In fact he is now asking me if I want everything before he throws it away! Yesterday he found me cutting up an empty tomato paste tube to open it out and wash it, as it makes great soft metal that is gold on the inside! I used it for hearts on my door wreath - in the abscence of rusty tin the size I wanted! (You can draw on it with a ball point pen from the reverse to emboss it - rest on a soft surface for a deeper impression!)

All these projects will be uploade eventually. Trying to stick to my target of one item a day, so keeping some in reserve for more busy times!!! (Crafty hey!!)

Suffering a bit today with a bad back, don't know why- my husband thinks it's because I am sitting down at the computer or craft table all day! Must try to get out with the dog tomorrow, although am going to the hairdressers to get my hair cut and highlighted! Must take my new scrapbook magazine to read!! Look out for some of these projects coming up in the next few days hopefully! Here is my altered sketch book to be going on with!

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