Thursday, 24 January 2008


I've done it! I'm a member of a team on UKs!! No looking back now! I'm committed! I am really looking forward to it! So here is my first challenge layout, to produce a LO that reflected "Courage or strength, love or dedication, home or country." It had to include a strip running the full length of the paper, a star and glitter on the photograph. 30 points done and in the bag! I hope!
This photo was taken in August when my son got his GCSE results and passed them all despite having Dyspraxia. We are all so proud of him and the way he has overcome his difficulties and through courage and dedication has managed to achieve! Don't you mums, of Dyspraxic children, out there, let people tell you it's not possible! I have the living proof! Let him be the inspiration to you! 10 GCSE's grade C and above!!!!! My parents were so proud of him too - we cried with joy and sipped champagne and toasted the future!
Yes you guessed it more Brenda Pinnick papers and chipboard letters! Will be running out of letters soon! Did email her and suggest we have more vowels in the pack! Will just have to buy blank a and e's and cover them in BP papers!
Off at a tangent here, but, I'm going to the theatre tonight to see CATS!!! It's touring the country and is in Hull at the moment. (Sold out I think!) Can't wait - already ordered my CD on the internet so I can sing to it all week long! Taking my son who's the dancer - well actually, he is taking me!!! I bought him two tickets for Christmas and wrapped them up in his sack, saying he could choose who he wanted to take! Fortunately, without too much pressure, he chose me!!!(Phew!) Having danced in McCavity at several dance festivals he is already singing it!!!
Maybe there will be a LO in that somewhere.
Working on another challenge at the moment, for the do-crafts forum, which has involved me getting everything out of the spare bedroom wardrobe to find my Wedding album! Needless to say, I now neeed to put it all back! Ugh! Wont say anymore about this at the moment! Wait and see!!!!
Just made the most perfect cake I have ever made, will tell you about it tomorrow - off to photograph it now!! Another page in the planning!!
See you tomorrow...........McCavity,McCavity....da da da... da da da............

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Anonymous said...

Wow!your're a member of a team on UKS!I'm not that brave yet. Another great LO too.Jackie(worcs):-)