Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Crafting is bad for your health!

No seriously, of course I don't believe this, but, managed to change the blade in my craft knife last night and then almost performed an amputation of my thumb an hour later!!!!!! This is not the first craft injury I have had either - you may know I have had a bad back and the doctor thought it was sitting too long on a long car journey! I worked out I had been spending too long sitting (badly) at my PC and craft table - not withstanding the fact that we had proper chairs!!! Anyway, gave me an excuse to buy a new craft chair, as posted already and that of course led to tidying the craft room, which of course has lead to replanning my workspace, which of course has led to surfing the net for ideas and cyber shopping at Ikea!!!!!! Here is a fab link to look at some amazing workspace ideas from Two peas In A Bucket! All I can think is my stash is minute, compared to some of those, but then again, I have only just started!!! Judging by how easy it is to accumulate things, i am sure it wont take me long! Anyway, back to injuries various - the other thing I keep doing, is giving myself paper cuts and the last one was quite a severe card cut on the pad of my index finger! Did not know that you could get cuts from chipboard, but I do now! This and the thumb are worse because of the position of the cuts and by applying a plaster or two, you lose all dexterity for fiddly crafting jobs! So, remeber! Watch out for those crafting injuries - maybe there should be a special policy to guard against loss of earnings!!! (Not relevant in my case as I scrapbook just for me!) The frustration I feel, at not being able to get on, is complete! Off to work now, will see if I manage any crafty stuff later!!

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