Wednesday, 23 January 2008

How did you make that card?!!!!!!

Oh no! I had a comment asking me to explain the folding of yesterday's card!!! (only joking! I did ask for it!) So here is my attempt!! I have tried to find where I got the idea from, so I could just post a link, but have not been successful so far! So here goes!
Cut one sheet of 12x12 in half. Make your creases sharp using a bone folder. Take one piece and fold in half to make a 6 inch square, then open and fold each side to the middle crease. Open out
Set this to one side. Take the other piece and fold in half , the same as before, then open it out. Fold edges to the middle the same as before and open out.
Now carry on folding this piece. This time take the top right corner and fold in a traingle shape to meet the centre fold and the top left corner across to meet the centre fold again. Open out. This time fold the bottom right corner up to meet the centre fold then the bottom left corner up to meet the centre fold and open out. You should now have a centre fold and two cross shaped folds on either side.
You have now created a diamond in the centre. The side triangles are going to fold in to cover this diamond in two halves, and you are going to pop the creases so the extra paper goes inside.
Turn this diamond shape over and glue the back with glue stick, then apply to the centre of the other piece of paper, still in a diamond shape, lining the points of the diamond up along the centre fold line.

Cover the triangle of the inner sheet of paper with glue, and close the outer cover over it, being careful to line it up in the centre. Do the same to the other side. Now when you re open the front cover the inner page is opened with it! Hope this makes sense with the photo's, if not, leave a comment and I will try to help!!!

Good luck!

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