Monday, 28 January 2008

I'm a Studio Calico kinda gal!!!

I'm a Studio Calico kinda gal!!! I signed up to their kit and last night was the release night! Eagerly waiting with baited breath, we were all on the forum chatting, trying to guess what would be in the kits and add-ons, sneak peeks flying everywhere, deciding and then ummming and erring which was the best add on! Go for them all people were saying! I had my currency converter up on screen, trying to decide how much each one would be, so it was a race to the death! Checked and double checked what time the release date would be in UK. Got up at 6am! It was all hell and no notion! Stuff flying everywhere, in and out of people's shopping carts, confirmation and reconfirmations, static website, pages not loading, what did I find? Two of them already sold out!! Maid Marion and Nottingham and the Sheffield calendar pages! It should have been 5am I got up! I was already awake then anyway, could have got up too and wandered downstairs to log on! Anyway, as it happens, I had been undecided between the other two kits anyway! Loxley and Friar Tuck. Snapped up the Friar tuck add on for my Sherwood kit and raced to the checkout! Logged in and paid! Then went back to look actually what was in it!!!!! Then looked at Loxley! Liked the clock faces! And the rub ons! So into my basket it went along with a pack of extra paper! I am a chipboard junkie after all! I will need all that paper to cover my chipboard! Tired and exhausted, I got ready for work, had not slept very well anyway, thinking about work! Went to work, came home logged on this afternoon, to find the two kits I ordered were still available!! All that getting up early - Which I NEVER do! - OH was laughing that I could get up early for shopping, but nothing else! I did not tell him I bought two add ons - not yet anyway!!!!!! But, they were a bargain! Honestly! You know how I like a bargain!
So, what's all the fuss about????????
Only the hottest kit in the US at the moment!!! Don't believe me? Well check it out! Sorry all gone now!!!!:( Some fantastic inspiration in the gallery, including Kirsty Wiseman, an extremely talented UK designer and real cool gal!!!! Sent me a lovely message on the forum! So, watch this space - hopefully, when it arrives there will be some real cool LO's posted here! I have some great ideas, just need it now!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!! Decided to add a pack of K&Co Wild Saffron fabric Brads to it all, from a UK shop, as they were cool! So head stateside and have a peek!!!!! Click on the link and drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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