Sunday, 13 January 2008

A small space to play!

What a time to sign in, late on a sunday evening, when most people have finished crafting for the day!!! (NOT!!) Will be starting mine later!
Had a busy weekend tidying my craft room (a desk in the spare bedroom with two shelves) and dusting it for the first time in weeks!!! (Whoops! think I forgot to dust the blind!) Needed to make room for all those lovely new papers I have bought in the sales! (Don't tell OH!) A sale price is a bargain price! I have saved money in the long run! Honest!! OH was looking at holidays last night and all I could think was where would be nice to go from a scrapping point of view?!!!!

REALLY REALLY love my camera at the moment xxxxxx! Am into photographing everything! This morning was even photographing making american pancakes for breakfast !!! (Much to the annoyance of everyone in their dressing gowns and not looking their best!!! I'm ok as I'm always behind the lens! Note to self to make a book of mE as I never feature in any LO's! Whoops! suffering from over use of the exclamation mark again! sorry! As a teacher I find it very hard to write in a quirky way without using punctuation and grammar! I envy my son when he writes in a very casual way on the net, but then hope it doesn't transfer it to his English work! (Never my strong point at school, but I managed a C at O Level.)

So, back to my craft room (alias spare bedroom!) I have a beautifully tidy room with a new black leather chair (courtesy of Netto supermarket! Bargain at £19.99!) I have been suffering with a bad back lately and my doctor wanted to know if I had been on a long journey! Made me giggle to think it might be all the time I was spending in my craft room that was the problem. When I started this blog, I was recovering from stress and had to rediscover a hobby. Now I find myself wanting to craft continuously!!!!! Then photograph it all and resize it etc and post it on here with my daily rambling!
My father has written a diary for years, in his own hand, about the weather and things that were happening and his garden projects etc. Suddenly, by pure fluke, I find myself continuing this tradition in a modern way, not even knowing if anyone is reading it or not!!! Please feel free to comment if my daily drivel is at all helpful. Initially, this was a release for my creativity and aspects of interest from family life, re-living with a child with Dyspraxia. As it happens, the creativity has taken over and not much family life has featured as yet!

I have always kept a notebook in my bedside table, as I find I often have my best ideas as I am going to sleep, or just waking up. Being able to jot them down quickly is very helpful! Sometimes the inspiration for my poetry writing comes to me at those times of day and it can be frustrating not being able to recall them later in the day. This morning I decided to write down 10 things I was grateful/thankful for (couldn't decide which was the best word to use.) Along with family and friends one thing was my camera. Again, right from childhood my father encouraged me, buying me my first Kodak Instamatic 33 with flash cube!!!!!!!OOOOOOOOooooooo! I remember rushing out with it straight away and photographing a ship stuck across a river in the town, a photo I still have to this day - although most have disappeared! My present camera I have had for about 4 years and is a compact digital camera that is such a handy size. I know that it is not some fantastic SLR, but as a means of recording things as they happen it is fab! So get out those cameras you have lurking and resolve to use them everyday to record something!
Look out for my full list of 10 things in a later project! Off to craft now! bye!!!!!


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Wish my craft space was that tidy! Will yours look like that for very long? LOL

Lovely blog!

Jo said...

Oh Caroline, it looks neat and tidy. Just had a quick look through your blog and your work is beautiful! Thanks for taking part.