Monday, 14 January 2008

A new thing

Just made my first card with a Pink Petticoat CD I ordered last week. They have an offer on at the moment when you order you get a free Christmas double CD included. I thought this style was great for young and funky cards and made a card for a friend who has broken her arm. I love the colours. I used the backgrounds from the free christmas CD and then one of the toppers from the Lola Rose CD. I printed a sentiment out on word. Really fresh I think and will be great to use for teenage girl cards as well as funky friends! I printed it out and then coloured with watercolour pencils. Using my waterbrush I blended carefully without going on the printer ink otherwise it would bleed. Have not worked out what people do to avoid this, unless there is a waterproof ink for printers???
Elder son has taken the first part of his AS levels this week, quite traumatic for him with his special needs, and gloom and doom is the order of the day from his quarters!!! Anyhow, he has his first driving lesson this Saturday, so that should be a great thing to look forward to! I am sure he will learn to drive, but it will just take him a little longer to grasp it. Some Dyspraxics never achieve this, but he has already mastered the moped and passed his CBT training, so nothing is impossible! (Give it a try, that's what we say!) I am so proud of him. Can't wait to get a photo of that milestone and scrap it!
Younger son is approaching his choices for GCSE - the problem being he wants to take all of his 'fave' subjects and has to make his mind up! Dance and Drama look favourites at the moment, although French and Spanish are also in his mind. We only get to pick three and with his dance/drama history, he must surely take those two. I'm leaving it up to him to decide. He has been dancing since he was 5 and has appeared in several shows in the local city centre including Scrooge with Tommy Steele and panto with Cannon and Ball, The Chukle Brothers, Sue Hodge and Alvin Stardust, all of which he thoroughly enjoyed. A year ago he was picked up for an audition for Billy Elliott in London, but unfortunately he did not make it through and was right on the height restriction line!! He has appeared in two local BBC panto's since and thoroughly enjoys the whole thing. He dances at least three nights a week with a local dance school in the city and then enters Rock Challenge with his school. This is a great thing to get involved with even if you don't normally dance! We are lucky that our local comprehensive has performing arts status, so dance features highly in the curriculum. Last year their entry was called 'White Space.'
Anyway, off to unpack some stash that arrived today, more chipboard, and see what goodies I can play with in my new ultra tidy scrap room!!!! TFLx

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