Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Oh no! My secret's out!!!!

Welcome! Welcome Welcome!
Well, it had to happen! My secret life as a blogger, has been discovered by my work colleagues! Some of whom, say they don't recognise me on here! (Not sure if that's a compliment or not!) No, seriously, as I am a newbie to this hobby (or as my husband now calls it - addiction) I think it has taken many people by surprise, including me! Blogging sounds like the new form of dettox! Have you blogged today?!!!!! Well, uncanny really (no pun intended!) as that was my reason for starting it in the first place-as a form of stress release, and now look! I'm addicted!
Anyway, for those new friends, who have just found me, welcome! Here are my ramblings for today!
DCM challenge was to make a card with something hidden -
"Okay, for my dare we're heading to the playground for a game of
Hide & Seek
I'd like you to make a card which has a hidden component of some sort."
So here is my entry - for once I am not posting on or just after the deadline!!!
Someone- (sorry must protect her identity! She may read this!!!!) at work dared to have her 40th last friday when I was not there! Missed cake too! I only found out yesterday, so I made this last night, using, you've guessed it, my new Brenda Pinnick "Initially yours" chipboard and paper set! With some hand cut letters.The photo turns swivel to reveal a hidden message on the front of the card

wait for it!...................................

I like to rub it in I'm afraid , when people join me in the forties! Although, I'm not prepared to say how long I've been here!!!

This mechanism is all glued on the front of a normal 6 inch card with the fold along the top.

I can't actually remember where I got the idea for the folding technique from, It was a piece of paper I found that I had hastily experimented on, when I was tidying my craft room, so I stuck it in my notes/ideas book! Knew it would come in handy - scaled it up here to produce a 6 inch square card using one sheet of 12x12 cut in half. It is a bit tricky to describe the folding and gluing, but post a comment if you want me to have a go!

What else today? Well, my new 12x12 Brenda Pinnick pad arrived, from QVC, but have not had time to open it yet!!! Been to Year 12 parents evening for my elder son, will have to post here, then rush upstairs and have a look! Missed another parcel, so have to go and pick that up tomorrow - more stash!! You can never have too much paper!!!

Someone at work was very interested in the cropadile - was not sure what one was - so here it is! Other stockists are available!!! There is a video to watch here on You Tube too! I can't believe I have friends who don't know what a Cropadile is! And we're still speaking???????? Would I associate with such a person?!!!!!!! You know who you are!!!! #

Lots of ideas for future posts, can't make each day long enough at the moment! First full day at work today for a long time, and I made it! Got back ache and head ache but made it through! A milestone to recovery! Anything's possible! Daily Blogging is good for your health!!!

Thankyou for looking in! Bye for now!


jafman said...

Fantastic card!!! you've go to let me know how to make one.

Kathy said...

Fab card - what a neat idea

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Wow! What a brilliant exploding card!

Thanks for sharing it and taking part in my birthday blog candy.