Sunday, 6 January 2008

Over to my son!

Here is an altered canvas that my son completed yesterday. His idea was taken from the days calendar page in my Autumn Leaves calendar, except he had bought two canvases with his Christmas money, so decided to do it for a piece of art for his bedroom wall. He chose two photographs and altered them digitally on Microsoft digital image software. One has a Film grain effect after changing the photo to black and white, the other has also been changed to an Antique effect, which makes the picture look old and rustic. The papers are from American Crafts a la carte set and he printed the titles on the PC using a free font website.
It is funny how, at our age, we would be embarrassed to say we are fabulous, but the confidence of youth allows his personality to show through. I hope he does not lose this with age. He is a dancer who has recently been in the panto, and wants to appear in the west end eventually, so he will need this kind of confidence to succeed!
He enjoyed himself so much, he is going to make a second one today! I am upholding my New Years resolution to encourage everyone to release their creative spark. The hardest thing for me, has been to keep out of the design process totally and leave him to it! I have been guilty in the past of influencing his decisions, so this was left completely up to him! Another new years resolution - let the children be themselves now!

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