Sunday, 20 January 2008

So how can you top that? New stash!!

Well you can't have a better day than yesterday, can you? I have been out with the family all day doing some retail therapy - always a torment getting the elder son fixed up with clothes - he hates clothes shopping! But, when you're down to your last pair of trousers that fit, needs must!!! So we attacked the nearest shopping "Mall" an hour away and braved the crowds! The saving grace for me is, it is close to my nearest craft chain store - more silicone glue was required! Also several storage boxes for my 12x12 papers and some tin pails fell into my basket along with some white stazon and some glue dots! The shopping centre in question has recently opened a Paperchase shop where I managed to purchase several chipboard books for altering - very reasonably priced!! And a packet of bright coloured envelopes to make an envelope album, and some flower paperclips!

So, what have I made? Well, my flower bag 3D card was so popular, I decided to make a mini card version for a comp on the do-crafts forum scaling down the kebab sticks to cocktail stick and using the Papermania die cut flowers - all products had to be do-craft products. Here is a sneak peek!

Also, after a fantastic heads-up on UKS, I have been altering a chocolates tin from christmas, to house my new ribbon collection! What a great idea to use up these tins which most of us aquire! It also gave me an excuse to play with my Cropadile!!!! (My new toy from christmas!) So far I have covered the tin, will let you know how it turns out tomorrow!

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