Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Sponsor class kit - encore!

Here are the rest of the pages from this super little kit book! I am very pleased with it! This page was all about our homemade food including our famous mince pies! (Grandma's secret recipe!) I like to involve the whole family in the baking and the tradition of everbody stirring the christmas pudding mixture and making a wish! (Not always on stir up Sunday though!) One of the first pages I ever scrapped was my elder son helping to make the christmas pud when he was about 3 and he is now 17!!

Anyway - back to matter in hand - this page shows more of our decorations, favourite baubles like the ones I made with the children when they were little by writing their name in glue on a plain glass bauble and shaking glitter on it. Not advisable now with health and safety rules - but at the time quite acceptable!!! I also decided to include the dog. If you read my blog regularly, you'll now he features quite heavily and is a highly valued member of our family group!! (Devoted more than one album to him! See Park Buddies earlier!) In the future when this is being shared he may not be with us so I felt it important to include him.

This page shows how our Christmas always starts on the 23rd of December, as that is our elder son's birthday and we always have a big family party. Then it details our normal routine of church on Christmas eve and how we spen Christmas day. A few more favourite decorations complete the album - including the Weinacht Pyramid which my siter in law sent us from Germany! Other detail I included were things like the games we like to play, written along the edges of photo's. All in all, a fab little project, that I enjoyed making and would definately recommend. Thanks again all at Scrapajack.

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