Monday, 21 January 2008

Storage, storage, storage!!!!

New stash means more storage! So, after a heads up on UKS about using a chocolates tin from christmas, here is my version - my new ribbon storage!!!
Having realised my ribbon stash was woefully inadequate, I signed up for a monthly kit from Little Silver Hat, which was fab, only to find they are closing!!!!!! What fabby ribbons and flowers and buttons I got, and superb quality! What am I going to do now? Anyway, had to find a new method of storage and saw on UKs one lady suggested using the Cropadile! (new toy!) with the choccie tin to make a neat store! So, armed with my bright red tin and some PVA, American craft a la carte paper and my trusty cropadile, I set about the task!! I painted the whole tin with PVA and glued the paper in place. Then allowed it to dry before I punched holes.
Here it is before ribbons are stashed inside, and here it is complete! Wow! what a great idea this lady had - (sorry can't remeber who it was!) I used a disc of card on the lid as my tin had a slight recess with an embossed title that the paper would not have stuck to. Excellent use of the cropadile, so the rough metal edges don't ruin the ribbons! I cut the edges of the circular lid paper into flaps, so it folded neatly around the edges and stuck it with DS tape. A piece of ribbon to trim the top finishes it off! Hope you like it! Have a go!! I am sure altering tins will become easier now I have the Cropadile! may end up needing more than one tin!!


jackie(worcs) said...

CC-love the ribbon tin!So cute.

Julie said...

Just the excuse I need to finish those chocs from Christmas.