Friday, 25 January 2008

Those on a diet, look away now!!!

CATS!!! FAB!FAB!FAB! What can I say, it was really worth seeing and we both enjoyed it thoroughly! Bought a souvenir programme and a T-shirt for Jonni to wear to dance class! The music hasn't arrived yet, but we can't wait! Hopefully tomorrow! The set was out of this world and the lighting was very clever! Some of the effects were very clever too! If you get chance, I would recommend it!

Well, I promised you a picture of this fantastic cake, so here it is!!!!! (dieters turn your back!)

It's not that as if I can't cook or anything, I used to teach it, but I have never been fantastic at cakes! Something always happens and I manage to be disappointed, but not this time! I set off all wrong too! I always make my cakes with my trusty, old (20yrs,) food mixer, not a fan of food processors, it's just how you were taught I guess. Anyway, I put the eggs and sugar in for a fatless sponge and set it going and it refused to whisk up!!! I thought maybe my eggs were very small, so I added an extra egg! Then I realised I had put the K beater on and not the whisk!!!! This I found hilarious and rang my mother to confess my sins!!! So, with the correct whisk in place, NO Problem!!! So here is the result! Fortunately, I took a few photo's along the way so this too can now turn into a page! My best cake ever!!!!!
Filled it with whipped fresh cream and sliced banana! A superb treat! Not had one of these for years, with a nice cup of tea, it made my day! Notice the posh cake fork and napkin!!!! Thought I was photographing for a food mag or something then!!!!!! Needless to say, I just ate it with my bare hands!!!! ( 5,000 calories/portion probably!)


Anonymous said...

OMG!That cake is fantastic.Mine look like 2 dry biscuits sandwiched together.Jackie(worcs)

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh that cake looks delicious!!!!!!! Good thing I am not on a diet! LOL!!!! Yummy yummy!!!!

Denise said...

Oh my gosh. I am so hungry for cake with bananas now. Your cake looks incredible. :o)