Saturday, 19 January 2008

Wow, wow and more wow!

I cannot believe the days I am having!!! So exciting!!!! Yesterday I had an email from BRENDA PINNICK!!!!!!!!!!!! She had seen my card on my blog and wanted to post it on her blog!!! I could not believe it!! How exciting! Anyway, after several attempts at replying and each time getting the message bounced back from the postmaster general!!!! I finally got in touch by posting a comment on her blog! Think it was my PC having a hic-cup! She emailed again last night and I replied ok and again today!! Was going into meltdown though yesterday - getting all excited on all these craft forums about QVC craft day! What have I bought so far?? Well.......decided to go for Brenda's pad of paper 200 sheets for less than £10 - excluding p&p of course!!! (I hate that!) Goes perfectly with the chipboard letters and numbers and flowers, that I ordered last week after a heads up on the d0-crafts forum! I am not in any way connected with any shops or anything, by the way, but I know when I read people's blogs and see things they have used, I always wonder where they bought them from!! This way, I can tell you where I sourced mine, and help you spend your money too! (If you want to!!!) Not obligatory!!! Then, I could not resist the American crafts ribbon set - not even been aired yet but got a heads up from UKS!!!!!! These look great value to me!! I feel I'm having a fab day already!!

The other thing is - the flowers! Aren't they fab?!!! My neighbour left work yesterday, and was going on holiday today!!!!! So she said I might as well have them!!!!!!! What a fantastic freebie!!! OH says, saves him bothering!!!! I love those lime green Chrysanthemums and the Fushia pink Gerbra! Could not help but get the camera out, I am sure they will appear on a page sometime!!

Talking of pages! Here is today's page!
It is for the Pencil lines sketch #67 I loved doing this, as these photo's have been waiting to be scrapped and this format would suit them perfectly! My son got a moped last year and my dad, in his eighties, was keen to have a go, as he had had a motorbike when he was younger! I took these shots of them talking and found an old picture of my dad's motorbike which I had used in their golden wedding album! Although the old one is sepia (scanned image) I thought I wanted to keep the modern ones coloured to show time past and present. The papers are American crafts doubled sided and I printed the with a font I downloaded from the internet for free - I wanted an old typewriter look for the text.
A few chipboard shapes from my new BP kit, a bit of ribbon and two brads were all I needed to complete the layout. The stitching across the top is fake - using a black Sakura gel pen to echo the ribbon across the bottom.
How can tomorrow get any better?? I don't think so, thankyou lord for such a great day!!!


jackie(worcs) said...

Love the motorbike LO, funky colours.

Pam said...

Love yur take on the pencil lines sketch. Lucky you-all those flowers!