Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Back from Bonnie Scotland!

We have returned from our weekend, staying with friends on the west coast of Scotland. What super weather we've had, as can be seen above (Dundonald castle.) I managed to post something on here everyday whilst we were away, which was a bit of a challenge I set myself, but I wanted to keep my target going! It was an unusual weekend in two ways! Firstly, we went without number one son and left him on his own for the first time! More of a problem for me, than for him! Secondly, we had a puncture whilst up there and found that our car has the only size of runflat tyre on it that is not in stock in Scotland!! We feel a letter to BMW coming on! The car is only a year old and it was impossible to get one anywhere without waiting until after the weekend and then it took several hours to courier it across the country and several hours to fit, as they could not get the old one off!!!! This is quite alarming when you can't go over 50 miles per hour and not drive far on it either! (We thought 50 miles, but it was actually 150 miles!) Anyway, they finally fixed it yesterday and we came down the road in the normal way, taking about 5 hours! What is more worrying, is that I have the same tyres on my car! Now we have had that experience, we will be very wary! Jonni had to miss dance class last night!!!!!!!!!!!! Un-heard of!
Absolutely no stash shopping done at all over the weekend either! A new bin for my craft room from Ikea!!!!
Back to normal today. Got home to find a message from the decorator we booked last year, saying he wants to start next week!!! Been off in a rush this morning, trying to choose wallpaper and make sure it gets here in time! OH off this week as it is half term here, so he is out in the new little car, taking number one son for a driving lesson each day, whilst we can. There was a wicked frost this morning, so we have been waiting for the roads to defrost! He has a proper lesson this afternoon, but did not want to have not driven for a week!
I am hoping to get some crafting done inbetween trips out, have been scanning photo's for my new paper bag book. Catching up on some of this weeks challenges too! Checking some comments and posting on forums takes time too! Waiting soooooo patiently for my Studio Calico kit to come, several people have got theirs over here, so can't be long now!!!! I feel a couple of new pages coming on with these two photo's! Happy crafting! TFLx

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