Saturday, 16 February 2008


I have not lost my marbles - buying a risque"bathing beauty" at the Works yesterday! Not one but three identical ones! Why??? For the empty cans of course!!! Three cans and guess what - only 25p each!!!!!!! Yes 25p!!!!! Perfect for altering!!! Especially as I nearly bought a blank can in a craft shop this week for £4.50!! I can have 3 cute cans for storing stash for 75p, got to be a bargain! (Particularly when my son paid!) Couldn't resist making one of the 3D "Canimations" up, for a chap I work with, who I know will appreciate it!!!! For the technical side, of course!!!! How to cut and make 2D funky foam into a 3D sculpture - something I had not thought of before! Maybe this technique will come in handy - will store it for future use!!!!

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