Thursday, 7 February 2008

Brenda Pinnick has linked me to her blog!!!!!

Brenda Pinnick has linked my blog to hers!!!! I can't believe it! Me such a humble crafter, who started this blog as a form of stress release, and has since become addicted!!!!!!! I first heard from her after buying her "Initially yours" chipboard letters from QVC before their craft day. I made a card for a challenge on Samms blog and Brenda picked it up and posted it on her site. I have been making things since then, finding the letters and papers have subconciously crept into every thing I have made! Then had a comment last night on my Valentines everywhere project, from her saying she loved them and was posting a link to my blog! So, thank you, I am delighted! I am not sponsored in any way by anybody, I just like posting about the things I am enjoying using!!! TFLx

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Samm said...

How cool is that? congrats on the linking!!! wooohoooo!!!