Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Earthquake!!!!!

Yep! I felt it here near Hull! (BBC NEWS) Woke up to hear the wardrobe doors all rattling loudly, just as the air sea rescue helicopter from Leconfield flew overhead. Thought it does not normally rattle the whole house, so started to think it could be an earthquake. Said to hubby "What was that?" To which he replied, "don't know go back to sleep!" How can you go back to sleep if you don't know????? Lay there wondering about possibilities for ages after! Anyway, no damage here and all safe, so great excitement today when I woke the boys up! Elder one still convinced it never happened! Mind you it is only 7.30am Does not wake up properly for hours yet!!!!!! Gets up but does not wake up, if you know what I mean! Teenagers!!!!

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rachel carlson said...

WHEW, glad you are safe and sound now! hugs, rachel