Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Fred the fish!

Here is my first LO using my Studio Calico kit! It was hard to start using such lovely stash, but thought it went perfectly with my goldfish picture!
How did this LO come about? Well, on one of my craft forums, we were asked to say the clumsiest thing we had ever done! So I posted about the time I had made a bay window in the fish bowl with the iron!!!!! As everybody fell about laughing at me trying to catch the fish as it shot across the worktop and then, in my haste to get it back in water, turning the tap on full blast and stunning it!!!! I decided this incident was worthy of one of my funny poems! I have a lot of pages of the dog scrapped for the children for future reference, but nothing of their fish, who is even older! Not sure exactly, but bought it when DS1 was in reception I think, as I had an attack of guilt when I found him stroking a stone in the garden and calling it his pet, because they were doing a project on pets in the reception class. he wanted to bring the class goldfish home for the holidays and had not been chosen! So, I hot footed it straight down to the garden centre and bought two fish! One for each son, duely named Donald and Douglas, after the twin engines in the famous stories by Rev Awdry! When hubby got home he criticised the fact that one fish was bent in a curve!!!Thought for 25p I could have chosen a better example. I explained the boys had chosen their own! He was maybe more streamlined for swimming around in circlrs in the bowl!!! Lol! The next morning, the other fish (not the bent one) was dead! Floating on the top! So hubby goes back to the garden centre and demands a replacement!!!!!! They say that they only guarantee them for 12hrs!!!!! LOL!!!! Being in finance, OH insists on a replacement and arrives home with Douglas version 2! (Not guaranteed at all!!!!) To cut a long story shorter, this and the bent fish lasted years and moved house too! The bent fish died after about 6 years and we replaced it with a fish with a fancy white tail from a proper pet shop! Cost £2!!!! He only survived about two years because Douglas chased him round the bowl all the time!!! He died the morning we were moving house again!! Maybe could not face the journey! So we were down to one fish and he is still here! Now changed his name to 'Fred' - Thomas Tank is not in vogue now they are teenagers!!! Despite the accident with the iron and several other bowl/tank episodes over the years! and the fact I have dropped the full tin of fishfood - closed - in the bowl landing on his head! So this poem is a tribute to him! Hope you can read it! A very worthy member of the family to qualify for my precious stash and a great memory for the kids!!
To prove he is still with us here he is! He alsmost talks to you!

Almost forgot!! What did I use here! My studio Calico February kit, my first title cut with the Craft Robo I borrowed, using a font called 'Aquanaut', aome Papermania plain bubble stickers to look like globules of water! TFLx (Sorry it's souch a long post!)
P.S. If you can't read the poem I can post it here tomorrow! Leave a comment if you want to read it! Poetic licence in the poem saying he was twelve but fifteen had too many syllables!!!! It would not scan correctly!


Anonymous said...

Awww CC lovely poem. Great LO too, love those water droplets, they are really effective.Jackie worcs:-)

Anonymous said...

Hello, just had to write on your blog - I've been mesmerised for the last hour since I found your site via Brenda Pinnicks blog - you have transported me to other worlds I've been to Studio Calico, Cosmo Cricket, and many more, your blog has made feel like I know you so well even after such a short time! I'm a frustrated card maker and scrapper who finds it hard to make time to do the things I love once I've looked after after my OH and two young boys (you made me laugh when you mentioned online food shopping and conjuring up meals from what is left - oh how I've been there many a time!). I keep looking at the LOs and cards that others come up with and justt sigh....hmmm! Thank you for making my night - rest assured I'll be back for more now I've got you in my favourites, maybe your ideas will help kickstart my passion once more. Alison x

laverneboese said...

love it! Now post it on the Studio Calico forum!!!!!