Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Just invented calorie offsetting!

Had weight watchers baked beans on toast for lunch on one slice of wholemeal bread and no spread, followed by a Creme egg from that well known company! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talking of cooking, here is a photograph of a pudding I made for sunday dinner! Yes, I am sorry, but tradition still reigns in this family and on a sunday we have a roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings and sometimes I let myself make a pudding! It has to be a special treat as the children don't eat them and OH is not really bothered! So, this week I made another of grandma's favourite recipes - Pineapple Pudding!

It's on my to do list to make a mini book of grandma's favourite recipes and I will try to photograph them as I make them so I am armed with everything I need when the time comes! (Have already photographed grandma's mince pies!) Needless to say I had to have two helpings and it is delicious cold too!

Have to say that DS1 is going great with the driving lessons! Drove us to the hairdressers tonight after school and parked in the supermarket no probs! Keep it going! I am so proud!

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