Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Photo's, photo's photo's!

Have done two photo related things this week;
#1. Have entered 3 photo's in a competition on UK's (so scary! I am only enjoying myself and not trying to be an expert!!) All three have appeared here, (bottom photo), here and here on my blog!
#2. Joined a weekly photo scavenger hunt on UKs! Great fun and helping me see things differently!

Green, circles and four were the prompts! Here are my first attempts! Bearing in mind I have not got a professional camera and just love snapping things I notice, like the waxiness on these tulip leaves and the circles arranged in a square. I have not sorted out my lighting issues yet! I don't like the effect flash gives, but do not have enough natural daylight at the moment to get what I want - need to try again! Other contenders were:

Try it, it's fun! TFLx

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