Monday, 4 February 2008

Sweet treats!

Isn't this a cute little presentation carton that might hold a few chocs or small gift for Valentines day?!

I saw it on Splitcoast stampers and I thought how simple, I wish I'd thought of that! It could easily be used for favors for weddings or christenings or Christmas table place settings for a small gift! Here's how to make it! I used a piece of scrapbook paper from my Brenda Pinnick paper pad and decorated it with BP chipboard shapes and ribbon. It could be any style or colour depending on your theme. It is the passing of the sealed end through the paper crimper, that makes it look so professional!!! How simple. I have a small paper crimper from The Works (it was very cheap) which is not very wide, so that dictated the size of my carton. If you have a wider one from a craft shop, you could make this any size you like! All you need is double sided tape and you're away! On their site it even shows one made in acetate! Have a go and give someone sweet, some sweets to show you care!!!

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msl said...

That is so sweet. It looks simple but pretty. I like it.