Saturday, 23 February 2008

Tiara friends!

You know who you are! I have a 'tirara', bought for me for Christmas by a special friend!
It's amazing, how if you are feeling down, it will just give you a lift wearing it! Even round the house! In a male dominated household, it just helps you connect with your inner princess! So as a tribute to this friend, and all her lovely friends, I have mad a 'Tiara and Bubbles' page today, which I will upload tomorrow! If she gives me permission! So keep watching! You too could find your inner princess - nip along to 'Claires accessories!!!'

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now then my darling Princess.How clever you are.. I'm so thrilled 2 b a part of your creativity.You're a very special person and never forget it. I'm attracted to your sense of fun,warmth and honesty all of which you share in your blog.Thank you for sharing it with me.Us Princesses must stick together!Loads of love, Di xxx