Sunday, 10 February 2008

Two poems

I'm looking at my altered art,
A canvas looking very smart,
It hangs with purpose, style and flair,
Made with tender loving care!

Last night when we came up to bed,
I spied a note and what it said-
was "Happy Anniversary!"
Love to mum and dad, from me!

My younger son had stayed up late,
Although he was ahead of date,
Had hung above our bed with pride
This piece of art I quickly spied!

Brenda Pinnick papers cut,
Stitched in place and doodled, but-
His idea came from Autumn leaves,
It fulfills his creative needs!

I'm proud to say he is my son
And will be proud, in years to come,
When he's known for his art and style!
This canvas will still make me smile!!!!!


To Jonni love from mumxxxxx

Here ia a poem called........ I Create
I sew
I cook
I stick & glue
I sing
I play piano too!
I write
I joke
I act!
I care,
I also have a fashion flair!
I draw, design, make things new,
tidy, compose poems too!
I organise, take photo's,
There is a lot of me in you!!!!!!!!

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