Saturday, 2 February 2008

Valentines everywhere!

Have you made yours yet?????? This was a valentine challenge over on Scrapping with love blog, for some great Valentine's candy! The challenge was to make a card using the word LOVE and using ribbon and red or pink embellishments! I have made another 3D card using an A6 card glued together down the sides with DST as the vase. This was then filled with some scrap polystyrene so that the kebab stick stems would anchor well and stay in place. I used more of my Brenda Pinnick chipboard flowers (Help! not got many left!!!) and some wooden red hearts from Ikea. I glued the chipboard letters to the wooden hearts.
I trimmed the vase with gingham ribbon and a tag with a silver heart saying "Valentine's day". I'm sorry the photo is not fantastic, but you can get the gist of it!!! I keep forgetting to take photo's in daylight! Will remember next time! You could write a personal message on the back of the tag! Hope I'm lucky! TFLx
P.S. Don't forget to weight the bottom down with a blob of plasticene!!


Anonymous said...

This is such a pretty idea, might have to have a try at doing one of these.Jackie(worcs)

Marlou said...

WOW!!! OH WOW!!! these are really gorgeous, a lot of work has went into this, thanks for joining in the fun :) x

sue-bubbles said...

Absolutely stunning!!!
Sue-bubbles x

Brenda Pinnick said...

Oh wow!!! You've been BUSY!!! I love your projects and look forward to seeing more! I'm putting a link on my blog for you.