Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Wow! It's a cold frost!

Not quite as cold as yesterday -8 driving to work, but still -5! Not got above freezing all day and there a re icicles on my sons little car! Shot home from work at dinner time and nipped out with my camera to catch the frost on the spiders webs on next doors hedge! (Window cleaners, looking on in amazement! Me wondering how they can clean windows in fost, fog and ice!!!!)
When I needed a frost photograph last week for a challenge I had to use a snow one from last year! Now I have one! I have taken spider webs before on a misty day and used that photo in my Autumn LO, but that was more a dew, whereas these are real frosty spiders webs! You see what happens to the weather when your neighbour mows their lawn!!!! (last friday!) Guaranteed to bring a change! It's like getting your patio furniture out at Easter and then that makes the weather turn cold again! Murphy's Law!
Anyway, off to whip up something exciting with chicken for tea, before DS2 goes to dance class - may well struggle tonight, as have an online shop arriving tomorrow, so feel like mother hubbard - the cupboard is bare!!! Always leads to interesting food combinations I find!!! I have potatoes and carrots and bacon, so I feel a casserole of some sort coming on!!! 'Necessity it the mother of invention' another of my mothers/grandmothers well known phrases!
Then after tea DISASTER!!!!!!!! I have to move out of the craft room!!!! Temporarily!!!! The decorator is coming tomorrow to wallpaper our bedroom, so we need to move out into the spare double room, which DS2 occupies at the moment, so I could nab the small bedroom for craft! At the moment I cannot even see the bed, let alone him sleep in it tonight, so may have to be in there some time! Then its the taking down of the curtains and moving the furniture and vacuming under the bed that you haven't done in ages!!!! So tonight is a complete write off!!!!! OH is out too - very convenient! Works meal out!!!
Did finish my poem about our goldfish last night, so made a LO using the Craft Robo for a title and my new SC kit! Will post that tomorrow maybe! Still scanning photo's for my paper bag album, so that will be a while!


Fabrizio said...

Hello, just found your blog and that balcony looks so inviting. I really like your creations and I've saved your blog in my favourites if you don't mind.

cannycrafter said...

Welcome along fabrizio, drop in any time! That balcony was a photo I took on holiday last year in the south of France! The one at the bottom was also taken there too! TFLx