Saturday, 8 March 2008

Almost 'eggstinct!'

Here is a little project I have been working on for the decorated egg challenge, over on the do-crafts forum! After lots of eggy jokes and sentences using as many egg words as you can, I came up with 'almost eggstinct!' He is made from four sheets of American crafts double sided cardboard and lots of paper fasteners! The head is the egg that I blew last week, by making a hole in either end with an egg piercer and stabbing the yolk with a skewer, so that it would drain out. I stained it using two shades of green chalk eye ink pads. The face is drawn on using a Sakura black gelly roll pen.

It is not the first time I have made one of these, I made one with my elder son for a competition at school. He saw the idea in a library book and we converted it to include the egg as the head. He had issues with cutting out back then, so I cut the pieces and he did all the assembly which was very easy, just start with the tail section and work forwards, use a Cropadile to make holes, as long as you have numbered the pieces as you cut them out, assembling them in order is fine. Finally you put a piece of wire centrally down the body so that the neck can be posed and glue the egg in place with a glue gun. Once its assembled, that's it you can't get in now so don't forget to put the legs on as you go along! You could make all the sections similar sized and put no legs on and make a snake as it is very flexible. You would have to have two sizes of body section and put one inside the other, then outside, then inside then outside etc. TFLx

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