Thursday, 13 March 2008

Anybody tried alcohol inks?

Not had a go yet myself with these, but was reading this tutorial today and the results look fab, so I am now very tempted! Will have to add this to my to-do list, but don't posses any alcohol inks yet so that could be a draw back!! As I like altering tins etc. think they could be very useful to have when I get some spare money!! (When!!!!!)

By the way, my delivery of Studio Calico goodness is due any day now!!!!! Really can't wait to see what's in it. Also got the Chimney Sweep add on coming too! This is when a monthly kit is great, as I would not have thought of buying some of these papers, but now really looking forward to the monochrome and the colour combinations! They are already tempting us with the sneaky peeks of the next months kit tonight!!!!!!
Hoping to get some pages made today on my day off, although the ironing is a must today and Barney has to go to the Vets later. (Again!) Went to DS2 evening of dance at his performing arts college last night and even though I am biased, I have to say it was fantastic and I am so fortunate. He stands there, the only boy in the year 9 dance and absolutely shines!! I am so glad he is taking Dance GCSE, it showcases some different aspects of dance that he does not get at dance school. More contemporary dance. I really did not feel like going last night as I started with a cold yesterday, but as usual, I was so glad I did! Am I surprised by him? No, just found this to scrap!!!
This to this!

And how did it start?? A trip to Disneyland Paris when he was three! He was fascinated by the parades. Here are two pages we made years ago from his favourite dancing pics!

For some reason he had line dancing shorts????? I used to go to line dancing classes with my friends at the time and we used to practice and have coffee one morning a week! Those were the days!!!! ) He had to wear his elastic bow tie on his head to be like Minnie mouse!
(Made using the very first do-crafts scrapbooking goodie box with a bit of everything in it! It introduced me to this craft!)

TFLx Hope he isn't too mad with me when he gets home tonight!

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Amy Coose said...

What great pics! I love that he is so passionate about dance. That's wonderful!