Friday, 21 March 2008

Boys birthday card

Here is another card I have made this week for my nephew who is 6 next week! I have made another nameplate card, with a detachable nameplate for his bedroom door or coatpeg etc. I used Brenda Pinnick papers and chipboard letters and some of the alphabets out of my new BP kit! The last card I made like this, shown here, was one of the most popular items people have commented on! TFLx

Been rushing about completing my Easter cards ready for delivery and then been out with my son for a driving lesson and to deliver chocolate chicks! Had a real problem with the gusty wind, as it blew the L plate off!! Just been to buy more and new wiper blades, as they were rubbish! Bought DS2 a large Galaxy egg - his favourite, but asked DS1 and he said he would rather have money towards his moped service tomorrow! He is learning that owning two vehicles can be an expensive business! We have his theory test booked, so have been looking through the multiple choice questions in the book I bought on Wednesday! I have done well so far!! Although some make me laugh!! I think the most difficult thing will be completing them against the clock - this is always a problem and also converting the vision of a road hazard into a click of the mouse fast enough - another problem for Dyspraxics - processing information takes them longer. Anyway, we will have to see how it goes. Got a couple of weeks to revise first. He is going on his first test route with the instructor in a while so that will be interesting. Drove very well this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Great tag card CC. Glad DS1 doing well with his driving.Jackie worcs :-)