Monday, 3 March 2008

Decorated egg, just for fun!

Over one one the do-crafts forum, we are having a decorated egg challenge! You know the sort of thing parents dread being announced at school and it suddenly turns into a competition to see who can make the biggest and best and use the most!!!!! Well, having been there and done that, I decided to reinvent a little idea I had way back when my son was in Year 4 (now he is 17!) It is just for fun and we have had all the eggstra special jokes about getting 'cracking' and making it 'eggciting!' 'eggsetera! eggsetera! eggstera!' So, I was just browsing the web and found these great ideas on Martha Stewart's site in USA. (Click on the right arrow next to the egg photo to see lots of ideas.) I love these, they are all so tasteful and really fantastic ideas for decorating your home (if you have the time!) However, this is not what I am planning. I blew an egg the other day, by making a hole at either end of it with an egg piercer and then insering a metal skewer to pierce the yolk. This then drained out quite easily, with a bit of help. I needed to do this, as I need the egg to be light for what I am going to do. I will go and search out green card now? Do you know what it is yet???? !!! Well I'm not telling you! Not just yet, keep guessing! I wouldn't be 'eggagerating' if I said you will be surprised! (these are the 'yolks' folks!) Sorry!

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