Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Eco week!

What a time this week at work! We are having Eco week with the children at school! So far my day has consisted of writing raps, creating renewable energy windmills and fashioning garments from carrier bags!!! To top it all off, I have just spent two and a half hours assembling a wind generator that arrived at school by post today, which I thought would be preassembled!!! Not likely!!! My dad came for tea and has helped my construct this item, to an exacting standard I might add! Mid eighties he might be, but perfectionist is still a phrase I can easily use regarding his handy work! Maybe that's where I got it from, refusing to be beaten is another phrase that applies too! Anyway after all that hard work and having drilled hole in my yellow pages and fetched the workmate into the middle of the kitchen floor - it is finally complete!!! Although hampered by our lack of an extensive tool box! A bike spanner a drill a pair of pliers and a comprehensive set of drill bits, we managed to complete it! At a cost of one chuck key, which I managed to drop on the kitchen floor and it broke! So, here it is!!! Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!!! *loud fanfare*

If you turn the handle fast enough you may just catch a glimpse of the glow of light in the light bulb! I hope my pupils appreciate it tomorrow!! Not the kind of crafting I had in mind for tonight and not exactly relaxing, but creative all the same! This may well turn into a poem!!!! (At a future date!)

So here is a rap we made up today instead!

Put it in the bin

Don't be square!

Recycle your tin

Don't litter everywhere!

Rip up your paper

Squash bottles of plastic!

If you REUSE your bags

Our world will be fantastic!!

Please feel free to add your own drum sound effects within your own rapping capabilities!

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