Monday, 17 March 2008

I think I'm missing a gene?????!!!!

I think I must be missing the Magnolia/Tilda gene! I keep looking on other people's blogs and entering challenges and just about everybody has a least one Magnolia stamp or Tilda stamp or Papernation stamp - but me!!!!! It was actually specified in a challenge the other week, not to use one! I do like cute, don't get me wrong, the card I just posted is cute! It's just these little characters are not my thing! It would not do for us all to like the same thing, but so many are liking these right now, it's hard to find anything else! Was just worried I was the odd one out!!! Penny black is another range of cute stamps I don't have either!!! Just have one cute duck and one cute dog!! Maybe it's just stamping is not big for me! Just like doodles and flourishes!!!
Just an observation!

Easter Swap

Anyway, today was the posting day for the Easter Swap over at Studio Calico. The idea is you enter your details and are given a swap partner and you provide new goodies in a mystery box, based on their likes and dislikes. The difficulty was knowing how much to spend! I'd love to carry on spending! Anyway, I have put together a great package I think for my swap partner, including goodies she wanted (hopefully) and a few hand made goodies by me, as well as some choccies for Easter in a little basket I made! I packaged it all up in a pizza box that a lot of goodies came in, but took the time to wrap the inside gifts carefully, including a handmade card with my wishes. Hope she likes it!!!!
Happy Easter!!

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Anonymous said...

That a lovely lot of stash there for your swap partner(lucky person!). Think I'm missing the Tilda/Magnolia gene too. Their faces freak me out. Quite like the look of the Penny Blacks tho.Jackie(worcs):-)