Thursday, 6 March 2008

It's not what you've got, it's what you do with it that counts!

What a start to the day! Been moved to tears before 8.30am! How can somebody dread exam results so much that they feel worthless and a failure when they are still a teenager???? Me, I am to blame too. We have taught our children to believe, that without good exam grades we can get no-where in life and actually added to the pressure already created by schools, in the need to meet examination targets. I hate that word. It has become synonymous with failure! If you don't reach your target, you've failed, that's what we are saying. But what if the target was not realistic? Why does no-body realise we can set goals for ourselves that are unachievable! Me included! Just found out recently that I can not be 'Wonderwoman' and so had to relinquish the tights to someone else!!!!! So why am I surprised that my son has unrealistic expectations??? I hope and wait that he comes home safe and I told him whatever he gets, I love him dearly and can't manage without him in my life. *dripping tears on the keyboard*
I saw it from the otherside last night, as I sat there, as a teacher, at my parents evening and listened to parents talking about their children! The pressure parents feel is intolerable. I found myself saying 'hang on a minute, let's not set this child up to fail before we've started, but not in so many words!' I know from personal experience!!!!
In our case, why are there no jobs out there that will give people a chance who are loyal, dependable and 100% trustworthy? There are more qualities that should be valued in a career than what you can produce in an exam room.
Ironically, when I am trying to lose myself, I switch on the PC, and I happened across one of my favourite scrap designers that I just feel I can totaly empathize with, Kirsty Wiseman, and what has she posted about yestrday? Scrap snobbery! Having just taken on a new role for do-crafts she had been sent a box of goodies that we all often deride in favour of the more exclusive brands and produced something absolutely stunning!!!!!!
I myself, have not a huge stash, partly because I have not been scrapbooking that long. However, since I was ill before Christmas and was told to rediscover my hobby, I have set about redressing the balance! The monthly credit card bears witness to the fact that I have purchased various crafting supplies, enough to supply a whole retreat!!!! Being of the sensible nature, deep down and luckily, being married to a bank manager, has meant that I am not a complete stashaholic and have to supplement my supplies with some very fair priced goodies, although I do have a problem with peel offs! I have a lot and use none!!!!! So, when you look at this work of Kirsty's, it just shows, It's not what you've got, it's what you do with it!!! My talent, never will be as great as hers, no matter what goodies I buy, but I am happy, I enjoy what I do , so I do what I enjoy!!! It does not mean however, that my contributions are worthless that I have not got talent, it is just unique to me, as it is to my son! As long as we are happy, that's what counts! if only I could help him find his key to happiness.
Thank you Kirsty for being there.
P.S. The day was as bad as I feared, however he did return home safely, I thank God for that.x
We will have to see where we go from here.

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Kirsty Wiseman said...

darling Kate
As a momma you have to be all the things you don't want to be. But what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger.
Thanks for the lovely compliment, I blushed a little ;)