Sunday, 9 March 2008

More photo's!

This weeks words on my photography scavenger hunt over on UKs were - cheese, small and game.
Have done two already. Last night did hubby's blue cheese!

Today have done small!
Here is a tiny pottery jug that I was always fascinated with, when we used to visit my grandmothers house. I don't know where it came from, but when she died it was one of the things I wanted most (aged 13) and still treasure today! The 1p was for scale as I thought you would not see how small it was! Like the reflection of the coin - accidental!
have just got to do game now! May have to be Barney golfing again! Do you remember this clip?

Will have to go and see if he fancies a round of golf for the camera - see if I can get any shots!! Other than that it may have to be the Xbox!



Sharie said...

Fun photo shots - too funny about improving your dog's golf game!

Anonymous said...

Fabby photos....can I have cream crackers with mine please!!!
sue-bubbles x

Sue said...

Is the dog called Barney? Anyway, he looks just like my dog, Bonnie, who died 2 years ago, right down to the crossed paws, and the head hanging out onto the floor. We watched the clip of Barney, catching the golf ball, very funny. Terrific clip.