Friday, 28 March 2008

Ok, it's official! I'm mad!!

Well, at least that's what my husband thinks! Why? Because I got up at 5.00 am to try and buy add-ons for next month's kit, when this month's only arrived two days ago!!!!!! I think I must have gone on about this too much, because even when I logged in at 5.30am, one for the add on kits I wanted had gone and so had the pack of extra paper! Was lucky though and got a Dandelion add-on which was one I drooled over!!! So been trawling the net for things I missed out on and tried in vain to order paper three times and keep getting chucked out and to cap it all the SC forum wont let me post now!!! DS1 been for a driving lesson and come back and me still sat here on the PC!

So, here is today's crafty item. A page I made the other day using this weeks Pencil Lines Sketch.
More holiday snaps from France last year, this time from our day trip to Nimes to the Roman Arena. Used some more of my Basic Grey Periphery papers.
The city where denim originated!!! (De-Nimes!) TFLx Will be having an early night tonight!!


2H Design said...

Yeah for getting dandelion! That was the one I really wanted because of the neato stamp! Sorry ya didn't get the other one! I'm fortunate to live in the Mountain Time Zone in the USA, so that means the kits go on sale for me at 10pm at night. I wouldn't do so well with 5:30am!!!!

Anesha said...

You sound like me! Been on the docraft forum and having a look at all the blogs.
What a cute dog.
Enjoy your scrapbooking.