Saturday, 8 March 2008

A Poem about this morning's events!

The day started badly
It couldn't be worse!
They've tried to accelerate
My path to the hearse!

I opened the post box,
and what do I see?
A "fifty plus" brochure
addressed SOLELY to me!!!!!

"Let your beauty blossom"
The letter enthuses
then shows me some fashions
with 'millions' of uses!

The styles are "tremendous"
the "choice and the price"
from 12 to 32
You can get any size!

There's lots of flat shoes,
In thousands of pic's,
I would NOT really mind
but I'm forty six!!!!

There's "court shoes" with heels
Of no more than one inch!!!!!
Walking all day
In them is a cinch!

Jersey's the fabric
To have for old age
It must be, it graces
almost ev'ry page!!!

The "Sandalised shoe!"
An enigma to me??????
A Must have, it's obvious,
Buy one get one free!!!!!

Foundation garments
Are crucial, I guess,
Without them to scaffold,
You'de be in a mess!!!

Garments to tuck in
And hold in those bulges,
Front fastening's easier
The brochure divulges!!

Neck to floor nighties
With sleeves of full length!
Slippers triple EEE fitting!
Oh Lord give me strength!!!!!

To meet this GREAT challenge
Of old age, one day!
But please, don't accelerate
That journey today!!!!!!

By Caroline 8.3.08 TFLx

P.S. Can't believe it! I was challenged to make a LO and did!!!!


jen said...

cc i just love it you passed the challenge with flying colours x jenni x

Anonymous said...

Such a funny topic, great stuff!Jackie (worcs)

Sharon said...

HAHAHA This had me in stitches!
You are very talented.

Hysteri-CAL said...

Absolutely hilarious !!!