Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Poor Barney!

He has been to the vets all day for blood tests, to see how his Addison's disease is progressing, to see if we need to up his tablets! Doesn't he sorry for himself! I could not take him this morning, I made hubby do it or I would have cried!! He's my baby really! They make you sign this disclaimer thing saying what you want done with the body incase anything goes wrong and I could not cope last time!!! I'm so soft! Anyway he's home and we just took the bandages off and he's had scrambled eggs and some milk followed by a bonio!!

Just been for a mega facial this afternoon at a very expensive Spa near us!! Hubby won the vouchers in a charity raffle! I am the charity he donated his prize to!!! (no connection to this business) So a £55 facial cost me £5! Excellent!

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Close To Home said...

So sorry about your dog!! :(

What a nice suprise for you, to have that great special treatment!