Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The saga of the "Not crossed buns!"

On Thursday night, my web shop came,
but things went wrong, Oh what a shame!
The hot cross buns, I thought I'd bought,
Were all sold out, so we had naught!
Tomorrow was Good Friday too!
What were we now, going to do?
No buns for breakfast? Woe is me!
What could I do? I'd have to see!
I got up early, half past six,
My hot cross buns, I'd have to mix,
Got out my 'Kenwood', flour and yeast,
We would not miss our usual feast!
I duely mixed the hot cross dough,
and left to knead, ten min's or so,
Then shaped and left them there to rise,
At least an hour I thought was wise.
I duely took hot tea to bed,
And woke my husband then, who said -
"Do you want breakfast?" "Not yet dear!"
I said - "Not ready, but have no fear,
our Easter breakfast, is in hand,
But not as great as I had planned!"
I went down to check those buns cross hot,
Had they risen? NO! The'd not!!
Thought we had waited long enough
Put them to bake, thought, 'they'll be tough'
Still, have done my very best today
To eat 'cross buns on Good Friday!
I baked them for the time they stated,
Hoping they'd become inflated!
When I opened the oven door,
They had not risen off the floor!
We all sat down to our Easter treat,
To eat a whole one - quite a feat!
The children, faces began to pull!
"Mum, I've had half and now I'm full!!"
So, there they sat, for two whole days,
on the side, amid full gaze,
of everyone who passed and said,
"Those buns look as heavy as real lead!"
On Sunday last, we woke, 'twas snow!
I thought, 'the birds'll be starving, so.........
I broke one up, threw it on the grass,
And guess what then did come to pass!!!!
They sank in the snow!!!!! Just like lead!!!
Hubby then piped up and said-
"Stop making craters in my lawn!!
If the birds find it they'll be torn,
If they take off, I'll be amazed!!
I f they use their beaks, they'll be dazed!"
So my original good intention,
Is now the subject of "cruelty prevention!!!!!!"

These are what they should have looked like according to BBC good food magazine!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

fabulous poem CC - I sure hope you took piccies of the said buns...a page is calling!
sue-bubbles x