Thursday, 6 March 2008

So how did I make that card??

Well, accuracy in cutting folding and gluing is key! You start with two square pieces of card 6x6 and cover them with paper now if you want to. I covered one on both sides and left one plain. Cut each piece in half, so you have four 3x6 strips. Score one and a half inches from both ends of each strip and bend first one way, crease with a bone folder, then the other way and crease with a bone folder. if you lay them on the table, two strips horizontally and two strips vertically and then glue them together in each corner only. Spread your wet glue over a one and a half inch square in each corner to make a good seal.

Lay the two vertical strips on top of the two horizontal strips, with the pattern facing up that you want to be your front. It could be a full picture or just the patterned paper. make sure it meets exactly edge to edge in the middle to ensure good folding mechanism.
As you open the centre of the card fold the two sides right back. This should expose some of your contrast paper. I left the centre blank to stamp the Happy Easter greeting. Fold back the top and bottom edges, to meet in the middle on the back of the card and the third face is exposed. This is where I stamped the words love from. (it is a cross shape at this point.) Finally, open it from the centre outwards to the sides again to reveal the fourth and final side. This could be a complete picture again. I put my Easter chicks here! It now opens across the middle to reveal the first side again!!! Watch the video clip to help!!! I added 3D embellishments after I made the bare card and made sure none of the flowers went across a fold. Decorating it after its finished was easier than working out how to place them together!!!! Have a go and see how you get on! if you post it on your blog leave a comment, I would love to see how yours turns out!

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