Thursday, 20 March 2008

Stash alert!

I know today is going to be a good day as I have a red ticket to pick up a parcel from the post office!!! It is my Easter swap from someone at Studio Calico!!! Also my Studio Calico 'Fly a kite kit' is due any day now, so could well be today in time for the holidays!!!!
I broke up from school yesterday, so I have two weeks to play - hopefully! Although I will be away for a couple of days on a trip!!! (Tell you more later!)
Must take Barney on a long walk today to compensate for the rubbish day he had yesterday! It is raining here at the moment and he doesn't like wet, so will have to wait a bit!!

Got to start swatting up on my driving theory test! Not for me, for DS1 who is hoping to take it in the next couple of weeks. Bought a book from the book club at work yesterday and have been flicking through the multiple choice this morning! So far, got 23 out of 25! Not bad! Going to have a go on the hazard perception CD rom later! I promised I would help him and as I took my test MANY years ago - I know nothing about it! For a Dyspraxic child, even knowing what to expect on arrival at the centre and how it will be conducted are crucial. Any familiarisation with proceedure is beneficial. We watched the CD that came with his test booking last night and it was fab! I highly recommend it. Even discussing the fact that people will come in and out during your test, means he is likely to remain more focussed because he knows it will happen. Also being able to wear headphones to have the questions read to you is a good idea for a Dyspraxic.
He is doing very well with the practical too! He is going on his first lesson around a test rout tomorrow so has to be an hour and a half to get into the city centre!

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