Friday, 14 March 2008

Studio Calico kind of day!

I am hoping it is going to be my day today! My March kit should arrive today fromLast night was sneak peek night for the next kit and it looks fab too! The best thing I did was join this monthly kit! Lovin' you ladies out there and your selections! If you click on the link above, the new kit peeks start at the third slide and are called "Handpicked, Dandelion and Snapdragon." Hope I can afford both add-ons this month but, will have to wait and see. There are still a few march kits by the look of things, so if you are undecided, wander over and have a look. (No connection to this company by the way, just lovin' what they're doing!)

What did I get scrapped yesterday???? A big fat nothing! My first full day off and thought I could move mountains and it all went pear-shaped! I was a bright morning, so decided to take Barney for a walk on our local common land called the Westwood Pastures. Overlooking the race course.

It was so windy!! We climbed the hill to see the black mill and the view of the minster and nearly got blown away!

Got one of my photo's for the scavenger hunt over on UKs! "Game"

My old lad! Wanting a game of ball! I didn't realise how much he had aged recently until I saw this photo! Have just been chasing him round the garden in my dressing gown trying to collect a urine sample for the vet in an old margarine tub!!!! Lol! They give you a tube the size of my little finger to put it in!!! have they any idea what they are asking????

So when I got back, I thought I will just nip over to the 'Range' to get some crafty goodies, drove 15 mins there, my mobile rang and it was my hairdresser saying I should have been there at 11am! Would not get back in time for my highlights, so just dashed back for the cut and blow dry!!! This meant I would not be able to be at the vets on time so had to ring up and move that to today! When I got home, made the tea quickly and shot off to pick DS2 from school, as he needed quick tea and back out the evening of dance, so did not start the ironing until 5pm! So what time off?? What scrapping time??? Putting the finishing touches to my Easter swap goodies over at Studio Calico forum. Made a couple of things last night to pop in the package!

Just had a phonecall to invite me to go shopping in York! Just declined, said I must get on here to catch up! Just had another phonecall, inviting me to the pub for lunch! Fab! Could do that and still get some work done! Better get the washing on and the dog walked and meet Jonni up at school to sign the form he should have given me last night to sign!!!!!!! Then out for lunch and back just in time for the vets at 3pm!! Scrapping time?????? Hoovering time???? School work????

On no! Just thought, what if I miss my Studio Calico parcel?????? Should I stay in, incase it comes???? That well known stash dilemma!!!! Better crack on! be back later with a stash update if it arrives!!! TFLx

P.S. Don't know why the photo's don't open up in close up anymore? Have tried various photo sizes? Anyone any ideas?? I am lucky to live here! This is my town.

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Sue said...

Hi, is it that your pictures are too big. Try resizing them to a smaller size, try 75% to start with, and see it that works. Good luck with it.