Sunday, 30 March 2008


Well, it has finally come around! We are off to....... We have had it booked over a year! On wednesday, we will have been married 20 years, so we planned a short break to coincide with the date, actually returning on our anniversary!!! I've checked the five day weather forecast here and tuesday is going to be fab! 17 degrees and sunny! Great for photo's so hopefully will have lots to scrap when I get back! I bought a new memory stick for my camera, that will hold 1500 photo's!!!! Have also found this web cam site which is fab!! so check it out and I promise to wave at the camera when I get off the water bus!!!!! You cannot do much in three days, but just intend relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere! Bought a travel guide and have been reading up a bit, hope to get a ride in a Gondola at some point, but wont bother if they are Mega pricey!!! Another great web cam site is here! We are in a hotel just round the corner from St Marks square, so should be there often!

As some of you know, I started this blog when I was suffering with stress and it has been essential to my recovery, however I feel on this occasion, although I vowed I would post every day, it is just going to be impossible! So, there will be no posts on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and I will report back on Thursday.

I have ordered my scrapbook papers ready to get to work on my return, but hope to find a few extras whilst I'm out there to add dimension to my LO's. I am not one of the world's great travellers and have a bit of an issue with flying, so I will be fine when I get there, but Rescue Remedy will be required!!!!! As it is the first time we have been on holiday without the boys in twenty years, this is going to be a whole new experience!!!! TFLx


Anonymous said...

Hope you and OH have a lovely holiday. Look forward to your scrap pages, Jackie(worcs):-)

rachel carlson said...

OH MY, totally jealous here! safe travels and ENJOY! cheers, rachel