Sunday, 2 March 2008

What a neat idea!

Just nipped on to Cosmo Cricket's blog and saw this neat idea! Make decorated little envelope for your DVD or picture CD's! This is very pertinent to me at the moment as I have been looking for old photo's and was not great at labelling discs back when! I used to fill each disc with as many pics as I could fit rather than putting a topic on one disc and putting one photo on the front to recognise it, as I do now! I had thought to keep the sleeves for the CD's that come free with the weekend and daily papers and then alter those. Sometimes they are double envelopes and I have out several together to mak a little book - another project on my to-do list! This keeps growing! I put more ideas on the bottom than I make and cross off the top! never mind! There may be a creative slump around the corner when i will be glad of this!
Anyway, I love the idea to make and decorate a little sleeve like this, especially if you are giving the photo's as a gift.
As usual, was so busy cooking today, I forgot to take any mothers day pictures at all!!! Had planned lots of groups - me and my sister with our mother, my sons with me, my nieces with her two girls, all of us together!!!! Not one snap taken!!!!! Great roast dinner though!! You can't have everything! Even managed to improvise, when the creme eggs I bought fell through my new Easter table centre! had to cut a see through egg box and make little holders to rest in the wire circles!
Other photography news! I entered a photo for this months competition over on Uks, I have posted it on here on the day I took it here. It has been selected for the final twenty, from 75 photo's so not a bad first attempt! here's me worrying my camera was not good enough and I was not good enough and then I just thought, give it a try! I am so thrilled it got through, but not expecting anything more! Look at the finalists here. If you are a memeber of UKs you can go and vote here! (Not necessarily for mine!) Have been reading my camera manual to get to use some other buttons on it and came up with a solarize function I didn't know I had!!!
Just checking what that actually does by taking two pics, one of Barney and one of my orchid on the study windowsill! More time to play is definately required. Got my next three words for the photo scavenger hunt, so will be searching for Pink, spring and clear this week - will keep you updated!

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